June 23, 2010

For the Tuggles

There is no way I could do what my friends have done. More than a year ago Mark and Penny Tuggle decided that they would be foster parents. They went to all the training and spent so much time getting ready to have an unknown child come live at their home. Yes, they already have three children of their own and they had to help prepare Asher, Abigail and Emma for a lot a change that could happen. Penny got the call while Mark was out of town to have a 2 year old boy come and stay with them. She might have hesitated, but she still did what God had called this family to do.

So this little boy with only a sippy cup showed up at their house. All the family jumped on board and tried to help this little boy feel loved and comfortable in a totally new place. Knowing full well that they had no control over the outcome of this little boys life. I know it was hard and tiring and many times God had to give Mark and Penny super powers of patience, but they never stopped doing what God wanted them to do. For months they took this little boy to visitations and dealt with social workers and going to court hearing. At times I could feel even myself on this roller coaster of emotions. I watched the kids take in this little boy as if he was always part of their family celebrating every milestone with him. The day eventually would come, more than a year later, that the judge would decide to place this now three year old with his great grandmother in Washington.

So next week they will have to say good-bye to their foster son. My heart is sad for their whole family. My heart is sad for my kids because they loved this little boy. My heart is sad that this little boy may not get the life he deserves. I know this is hard for my friends, but they did what God called them to do and they will never be the same.

So here's the thing: I want to be just as ready to do the hard things that God calls me to do, just like my friends the Tuggles.

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Sara said...

praying for the Tuggles and for Anthony! And you need to update--I want more Shelly blog!