August 7, 2010

Summer Life !!

We are growing really big stuff in our garden!!!

I must say that it seems like summer is going much faster than winter. I can hardly believe that I am buying school stuff already.

We spent August 1st getting to celebrate Kayla getting baptized. It was wonderful to watch her eyes be so excited. After Scott baptized her the whole congregation yelled, "Welcome to the family"

We also spent August 5th celebrating what would have been Doe's 39th birthday. It was really special to share this with the kids. We still really miss her a lot.

We had fun making a stepping stone to put in our garden for Doe.

My garden has been so fun this summer. It was a lot of work to start but relaxing to sit in now.

So here's the thing: The first word that come to mind when I think of summer ending is not a word I am aloud to say out loud.