June 23, 2010

For the Tuggles

There is no way I could do what my friends have done. More than a year ago Mark and Penny Tuggle decided that they would be foster parents. They went to all the training and spent so much time getting ready to have an unknown child come live at their home. Yes, they already have three children of their own and they had to help prepare Asher, Abigail and Emma for a lot a change that could happen. Penny got the call while Mark was out of town to have a 2 year old boy come and stay with them. She might have hesitated, but she still did what God had called this family to do.

So this little boy with only a sippy cup showed up at their house. All the family jumped on board and tried to help this little boy feel loved and comfortable in a totally new place. Knowing full well that they had no control over the outcome of this little boys life. I know it was hard and tiring and many times God had to give Mark and Penny super powers of patience, but they never stopped doing what God wanted them to do. For months they took this little boy to visitations and dealt with social workers and going to court hearing. At times I could feel even myself on this roller coaster of emotions. I watched the kids take in this little boy as if he was always part of their family celebrating every milestone with him. The day eventually would come, more than a year later, that the judge would decide to place this now three year old with his great grandmother in Washington.

So next week they will have to say good-bye to their foster son. My heart is sad for their whole family. My heart is sad for my kids because they loved this little boy. My heart is sad that this little boy may not get the life he deserves. I know this is hard for my friends, but they did what God called them to do and they will never be the same.

So here's the thing: I want to be just as ready to do the hard things that God calls me to do, just like my friends the Tuggles.

June 13, 2010

All day baby

Can you tell what I did all weekend? Yes, I got to be a cheerleader again. Minus the cute bloomers. We watched plenty of baseball and Scott ran a race.

(Danielle, Betsy and Scott)

So here's the thing: No, you will never see me running a 10 mile race. (unless there is a $10,000 shopping spree in the end) But you will always see me cheering for my boys!!!!

June 11, 2010


There seem to be so many things I want to get done this summer, but because I did not think everything through I started all of them at one time and now it is driving me crazy.

I wanted to redo the garden area.
I wanted to get the outside of the house painted.
I wanted to move furniture again.
I wanted to reorganize the garage.

The list could go on and on. But not a single one of them are done yet!!! So many other things keep me jumping from one thing to the next. I need focus and more time in a day. Okay I actually need more time when I am awake in a day. Sleep is just not optional for me.

So here's the thing: For some who needs order in her life to function, I sure am out of order. I will just need to pray for focus.

June 7, 2010

Need summer to slow down

Wow it has been a crazy few days!!! Let me just start the list

First: Will had to be admitted to the hospital on Wednesday of last week because he had a very bad reaction to penicillin. Oh yes, he had it before and been fine, but not this time. He was so pitiful, covered in hives from head to toe and swollen so much he looked chubby for the first time in his life. We only spent one night at the hospital, but several days of pain and severe itching were to come and we are finally on the mend after 5 long days. Will was a trooper, but boy it just took a lot out of me.

Second: A last minute baseball tournament for Jake. So many games, Thursday, Friday, 2 on
Saturday and 2 on Sunday. Baseball is fun, but not a great weekend for Scott to be coach.

Third: We added 2 extra kids (cousins) this
weekend. Oh they were good boys, but everything we thought we might do together was not possible. Not much fun to stay with the crazy Aunt Shelly this weekend. At least they were all pretty understanding. And just for the record Graham who is 13, can eat twice as much as Scott.

Fourth: This was the weekend I was doing a garage sale for someone else. I really did think of cancelling it, but I didn't have other weekend available until July. The sale went on and we still had a good sale.

Well, I think that might be all of it. What a week.

So here's the thing: Yes, our week was crazy and we ate out to much and I was very tired. I was just about to come undone and then today came and we are on the other side and on the other side was this. A much happier little boy and a much more relaxed Mom.

June 1, 2010

One man's crap

I am really going to start doing garage sales for other people. My first sale will be this weekend. Boy is my garage full of other's people crap. Needless to say that crap brings in the money so I like the mess.

So here's the thing: One man's crap is another man's treasure.