July 28, 2010

Pictures always tell a story

So here's the thing: My family is incredible!! We never cease to have fun and laugh at anything.

July 17, 2010

State Baseball Tournament

So here we are, Yuma, Colorado. Our first time getting to experience the life of the Little League All-Star Tournament. Yuma, CO is a tiny town with what seems like more cows than people, but this is where Jake's dreams are coming true.

I know my last blog was rather angry, but that was Mama Bear and this is me again.

Unsure of what to expect, Scott and I just put all we had into Jake and challenged him to talk to his coach. Jake, the supreme conflict avoid er, (he gets that from his dad) manned-up and talked to his coach about his issues. The coach assured Jake that there is real need for him on the team and that he respected Jake for talking to him and not whining. That made it worth for me, to hear that his coached respected my son.

We played our first game and won 9 to 3. Hopefully we have a few more days in Yuma, CO. It's crazy but I don't mind the fact that it's 104* or that I am surrounded by 12 year old boys that can drive you crazy, and the fact that I had to pay $20 for tickets to see my own son play all this baseball.

So here's the thing: Jake sees baseball as his heaven on earth and I will do just about anything to help my kids get a glimpse of heaven.

July 14, 2010

Mama Bear

I don't really think of my self as a mom who has to prove much, but I am so feeling the need to rip off someones head.
My son loves baseball and he made it to the All-Star team. It made him more excited than I have ever seen him to have this privilege. But I am starting to wonder if we have made a huge mistake. I have a kid who is afraid to talk to his coach, is so insecure about his ability in everything and I hate seeing him this way.

So here's the thing: My "Mama Bear" tendency is dying to call this coach and enlighten him, but I won't do it. It is only by God's strength that I have not googled the coaches address and showed him what a Puerto Rican Mama Bear can do. Please, God keep helping me.