May 31, 2010

Getting into the swing of summer

Summer is here and I am ready to soak it all in. Gardening and playing outside until the sun goes down. It is what my family lives for. I am not sure if this is just my family but we always seem to NEED this time of year. No hard schedule to follow, dinner when we get to it and served on paper plates. The best part has to be stocking up on plastic whiffle balls so we can play baseball in the back yard.
Last year we started having a no TV SUMMER and it was so worth it. The money we put towards our dish satellite gets put towards new games instead. We always start on June 1st and end Sept. 1st.
Just so you understand. Will does think he is going to die for these 3 months, but we just remind him that he didn't die last year. Really none of our kids would say they think this is a good idea, but they all survive.
Jake has to listen to baseball on the radio and computer. We go to Sky Socks games. (thank the Lord for $2 Tuesday at the ball park) Never mind the fact that we spend at least 3 night a week watching Jake actually play baseball on his team.
I am telling you if Jake ever plays professional baseball I am going to write a book called, From stretch marks to bench marks, because I got both from him.

So here's the thing: Oh, I know the summer will fly by and I will be crying when it is time to go buy more school stuff but I cherish these days of washing grass stains off of clothes and saying go wash your feet instead of put away your shoes and buying Popsicles for the neighborhood kids. We love summer!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sara said...

I'd love summer too if it was just not so hot and not so sunny :P But I do love summer with you all!